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  • Research Projects

    Study of international experiences and analysis of the quantitative effects of pilgrimage and its development in sacred cities of the world (collaborator in the pilgrimage plan)

    Designing and presenting the model of the pilgrimage city of Mashhad (future approach) and the model of development and deepening of pilgrimage in Mashhad (collaborator in the pilgrimage plan)

    Strategic plan for Mashhad, five-year program in pilgrimage management. (Collaborator in the pilgrimage plan)

    Strategic plan for Mashhad, five-year plan for social issue. (collaborator in the pilgrimage plan)

    Comparative study of ski Resorts in Tehran province according to the life cycle of Butler (university project)

    Research on the sex tourism of Iraqi pilgrims in Mashhad (Qualitative Study) Research for Iranian Academic center for education, culture and research (ACECR) Year 2018.

    Cooperating Research project for strategic tourism plan for Khorasan Razavi Province (2020).

    Facilitator in the rural employment plan of Khorasan Razavi province in 2020.

    Cooperation in the rural employment document of North Khorasan province 2021.

    Collaborator in the document of the principles of hosting in the city of Mashhad 2021.

    Collaborator in the spatial planning document of Khorasan Razavi province2021-2022.

    Research and production of content for a TV documentary entitled On the Silk Road Edge, broadcast on Nowruz 1401, Shoma Channel, 2021-2022.


    Book Translation: social science and Tourism Studies, Rutledge publication, written by Andrew Holden.


    Translated Book Editor: City Spaces-Tourist Places: Urban Tourist Precinets, Written by Bruce hayllar, Tony Griffin and Deborah Edwards, Translated by Mozhgan Sabet Teimouri.


    Title: Social science, Tourism planning               University: Tehran university

    Level: Masters Degree                                            End Date: 2010

    Thesis title: The study of the basic obstacles for tourism policy from point of elites view.

    Title: English Translation                                        University: Payam Noor university of Mashhad

    Level: Bachelor                                                         End Date: 2006


    Working as university lecturer at Shandiz university, Pardisan university, ACECR university, Darvishi university and Fani va Herfeiee university  and teaching courses on Tourism and hospitalities field such as:

    Tourism Industry

    Tourism Services

    Electronic Tourism

    Geography and Tourism

    Cultural Attraction

    Development and Tourism

    Psychology and Tourism

    Sociology of Tourism

    Law and Tourism

    Practical training for tour guides

    In addition to teaching at the different universities, in the operational and applied fields, I have also worked with related institutions, Including the establishment of a hospitality workshop in Afghanistan(July 2016).


    Other records



    Work Experience

    Level: Bachelor                                                         End Date: 2006



    1- Employer:  Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research

    Job Title: University Lecturer (Part time)        Start Date: 20/08/2011        End Date: 20/01/2022

    2- Employer: Aftab Kalout and Negin Hakhamanesh travel Agencies

    Job Title: Tour Guide (Part time)                        Start Date: 01/03/2012       End Date: 01/08/2022

    3- Employer: Tourism research inistitute

    Job Title: Researcher (Part time)                         Start Date:  01/10/2011      End Date: 01/02/2022

    4- Employer: Sardabsazan mashhad


    Job Title: Selling Manager (Full time)                  Start Date: 20/12/2103      End Date: 01/08/2018