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Tourism Management and Planning Department




Tourism Management and Planning Research Group

Regarding the rapid growth of the number of tourists worldwide, the organization of tourism spaces requires the application of the latest technologies, taking urbanization, the development of technology, and the increase in information volume into account.  Accordingly, policymaking, planning, and tourism management have turned into top priorities of relevant administrations in recent decades, leading to the launching of the Tourism Management and Planning Research Group's scientific activities in 2002 (1381 Iranian Calendar) as one of the primary facets of ACECR Tourism Research Institute.

Launching Distinct Research Projects

Tourism Management and Planning Research Group has so far conducted various projects in the fields of urban and cultural-religious tourism, the most important of which are as follows:

1. Conducting some studies on spatial planning in Khorasan Razavi province (analysis of ecological, environmental, and tourism capabilities in the province);

2. Considering the role of Islamic architecture's physical structure in attracting tourists to Mashhad,

3. Investigating the potentials of health tourism in Mashhad with emphasis on foreign tourists;

4. Carrying out comparative studies on health tourism marketing mechanisms in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Iran, etc.;

5. Determining the recreational capacities of Ferdowsi tomb;

6. Examining international experiences in terms of pilgrimage, and analyzing both quantitative and qualitative effects of pilgrimage and its development in the world's pilgrimage sites;

7. Defining practical indicators to identify valuable locations in Mashhad;

8. Assessing the feasibility of creating and developing medical tourism in Academic Center for Education, Culture, and Research (ACECR);

9. Developing a long-term plan for Shandiz tourist city using a future research approach;

10. Developing the Health Tourism Marketing Management Program for Khorasan Razavi province;

11. Developing a strategic-operational plan for tourism development in Khorasan Razavi province;

12. Developing a Sustainable Development Plan for Creative Tourism in Kish Island.



  • Sustainable Tourism: from Mass Tourism to Ecotourism;
  • Strategic Management of Hospitality and Tourism;
  • City Spaces-Tourist Places: Urban Tourism Precincts;
  • Position of Places with Valuable Identity-Meaning in Tourist Destination Cities;
  • A Practical Model for Improving Mashhad's Tourism Environment



* Conducting some fundamental and applied studies in tourism planning and management

* Preparing and devising development plans (long term, medium term, and short term) for tourism management and planning

* Creating spatial databases of tourism spaces and location-based spatial analysis using GIS

* Evaluating and spatial planning of tourism

* Conducting studies on management and planning of historical and valuable tourism sites

* Performing applied and developmental research in the fields of ecotourism, Geo-tourism, e-tourism, cultural, and religious tourism

* Conducting applied and developmental studies in health and medical tourism